Our Committee

Gethin Lewis - President

Hi Guys, I'm Gethin and I'm a third year MPhys student. I'm the president of Physoc so it's my job to represent the society and to keep the committee happy and productive so that we can make your time at southampton as good as we can! If you need anything from me you can send me an email at:


Harry Lewis - VP & Treasurer

Hey guys, I'm Harry and I'm your Physoc Vice-President & Treasurer! My role is to assist Gethin and all the other members of the committee while managing the funds to provide you with some great events! If you need anything at all email at:


Katie Moser - Secretary

Hey everybody, I'm Katie, I'm in the fourth year of my MPhys course, and I'm this year's Physoc Secretary. My main job is to make the agendas for and take minutes at committee meetings, alongside helping out the President and VP and managing the society's admin. I'm always happy to help out or answer any questions, just message me on Facebook or email me at:


Grace Hooper - Careers Officer

Hi I'm Grace, a 4th year physics with photonics student, and I'm the Careers Officer! I will be organising talks by external speakers from a variety of companies, as well as site visits which will help out with the internship and graduate scheme applications. I will also be working with the PhD rep to bring you some talks focusing at doing a PhD after graduation. Ideas and feedback are always welcomed, so contact me on:


Mikey Anderson-Jennings - Social Secretary

Hi! I'm mikey ! I am a second year MPHYS physics with astronomy student. I am the social sec with Sammi. Together we hope to bring some banging nights out, as well as some wicked sober socials as well


Sammi Brown - Social Secretary

Hey guys! My name is Sammi, I'm a second year MPhys student and I'm pretty "social". That is when I'm not worshipping James Clerk Maxwell and looking at cats on the internet. One day I hope to be Elon Musk's sugar baby, but until then I will be working with Mikey to organise some sick social events that I hope you all come to!


Noelia Palomar Davidson - Outreach Officer

Hi! I'm Noe, I'm a 4th year Physics with Nano student and one of your new Outreach officers. Our main goal as part of Outreach is to set up public events to get people interested in physics, as such we'll be working with Outreach & Public engagement staff members organizing talks, partaking in fairs and other fun events, where everyone can enjoy themselves while learning something new! The annual events we are part of are the Nobel Lectures and the IT, Science and Engineering fair, we also hope to start a series of talks where our lecturers/tutors would showcase the research they're doing. If you have any queries or ideas drop an email at:


Thomas Radford - Outreach Officer

Hi I'm Tom a 4th year physics with photonics student and one of the outreach officers, together we run speaches and other activities in order to get people outside of physics interested in the subject. We run the anual nobel lecture and participate in larger events like the science and engineering fair. If you want to know anything more feel free to contact me on:


Chester Camm - PhD Representative

My name is Chester Camm and I am the Physoc PhD rep, my job is to encourage the PhD students to attend events, help arrange events for PhD students and if any PhD students have any issues that Physoc might be able to help with to point them in the right direction. I am also on two PhD committees, one for organising events and seminars for PhD students and the other is to help organise the UCAS visit days within the physics department.


Anthony Harwood - Sports Officer

Hi, I'm Anthony, I am currently in my third year and I'm the new sports sec! My job is to maintain the sports teams of physics and get more physicists involved in our sports teams! If you are interested in joining a team or starting your own, email me at:


Alex Weston - Webmaster

Hello everyone, I'm Alex a third year MPhys with Astronomy student and my occupation (as the most important memeber of the committee) is as *the* webmaster. My job mainly involves controlling the inner workings of the Physoc Facebook groups, maintaining the Physoc website (including the committee page which you have most conveniently stumbled across) and writing witty forms for you to fill in and pay us money. If you ever need a helping hand with either your degree, issues caused by me not doing my job properly or speaking like a pretentious pratt proper physicist then feel free to get in contact:


Harley Kelly - Publicity Officer

Hi I'm Harley and I'm the new Publicity officer! I'm in my third year studying Physics With Space Science. My role is to communicate Physocs activities to its members. Contact me by email:


Daneeta Methuen - Mentoring and Welfare Officer

Hi, I'm Daneeta, I'm currently in my third year and I'm the mentoring and wellbeing officer. My job is to recruit mentors and match them up with mentees. Also, as welfare officer I'm here to make you aware of any welfare facilities/services available. If you are interested in being a mentor/mentee or need any advice regarding your welfare please contact me on:


Sammi Brown - Freshers Rep

"A noob representing the opinions of other noobs. When she isn't studying hard like all freshers she is quoting vines." As the link between the youth and the slightly older youth, contact Sammi if you need something translated from memes to English or vice versa.