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Student Survey 2014

Physics finalists - stats are in for this week's NSS response rate - we are doing well at 72%, but we just need a few more of you to complete the survey to before it closes next week to better last year's score - we will donate 150 Physoc if we can reach 80% by 30th April - do it now!

Committee 2014/15

Your new committee has been voted in, and they are now ready and raring to get on and start organising an absolutely incredible 2014/2015 for you all.

Say hello to:

President- Prudence Clarke
VP/Treasurer- Ben Edwards
Secretary- Joel Collins
Careers Officers- Christine McCullough and Azaria Coupe
Social Secretaries- Chris Dawson and Alex Pallister
Outreach Officer- Ben Stray
Mentors Officer- Emma Tattershall
PhD Representative- Jamie Vovrosh
Fresher's Representative- Charlotte Parry
Sports Officer- Hannah West

Congratulations and best of luck to you all!!