Physoc Elections

Here is a list of the candidates running in the elections:

Amy Ennion – President

Ali Farzaneh Far – President

Prudence Clark – Vice president/Treasurer
Holly Whelan - Vice president/Treasurer
Alex Pallister - Vice president/Treasurer

Tom Hopkins – Webmaster

Jacques Reading – Mentors Officer
Connie Hoare - Mentors Officer

Christine McCullough – Publicity Officer

Jombo Okebulu – Sponsors Officer

George Winstone – Careers Officer
Adrian Scadding – Careers Officer

Leigh Moody and Robin Liquorice – Events Officer

Neils Irwin – Sports Officer

Tom Harrison – Balls Officer

Jennifer Allerton – Outreach Officer
Chris Beale – Outreach Officer

Poppy Martin – PhD Officer

Charlie Martin – Secretary

Committee Elections. Get Involved!

The committee elections are nearly upon us again. This year, elections will take place in the last week of February  and the results will be announced during The Big Bang the following week (dates to be confirmed). So, this is the time to start thinking about if you’d like to run for a position or to encourage (aka peer pressure)  a friend if you think they’d do a good job. Being on the committee is a great way to have your input on all the great stuff Physoc does.


The following positions are up for election:


  • President
  • Vice President/Treasurer 
  • Secretary
  • Mentors Rep
  • Careers Officer (×3)
  • Social Secretary (×2)
  • Sports Officer
  • Publicity Officer
  • Sponsors Officer
  • Outreach Officer
  • Balls Officer (Ha!)
  • PHD Rep
  • Webmaster 


Check out the about page to get an idea of what each role entails.


Information on how to nominate yourself will be released shortly. 


Want to do a PhD?

Yo guys,


Are you enjoying your degree? Do you want to postpone real life for a few more years? Or have you been inspired to become the Nick Evans and Nils Anderssons of the future by our Unsolved Mysteries lectures?


If so, maybe a PhD is for you!


Next week there’ll be a talk by two current PhDs, Joe Spencer and Olly Morris about the highs and lows of life as an eternal student. And lecturer Tom Macarrone will also be there to talk about the opportunities to study for your doctorate abroad.


If you’re interested, come along:


Thursday 6th December 6pm

          Lecture Theatre B

                Building 46


There’ll be refreshments!



Charlie, careers

Hope you enjoyed Unsolved Mysteries 2!



Sup dudes,



The second of our Unsolved Mysteries lectures has come and gone, and it was just as great as the first one. The attendance was fantastic again, with around the same turnout as the first lecture.


Physoc want to say a big thanks to Nick Evans and Otto Muskens for the entertaining lecture, and to all you guys who came, hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did.


If you have any feedback for us, we want to know, so we can make future events even better let us know in the comments, or on the facebook group. And if you want to hear more about any of the individual topics discussed, please tell us so we can organise more detailed lectures.


Watch out for more in the future!



Charlie, careers

The Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe Part 2

Yo dudes!


We really hope you enjoyed the first Unsolved Mysteries lecture. As you may have guessed from it, we had a second event in the works! The Physoc Careers team are pleased to announce:


The Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe Part 2: The Higgs and other matters

Featuring Professor Nick Evans from the High Energy Physics group and Dr. Otto Muskens from the Quantum Light and Matter group.


This lecture will journey from the far reaches of the universe, addressing issues like dark matter, dark energy and inflation, to the fundamental building blocks of the universe with the standard model and beyond. It will also bring us back down to earth, with talk of the future here on our planet: optical and quantum computers, photonics and lasers, and the applications of nanotechnology in medicine.


The lecture starts at 7pm on Thursday 29th November, but please get to Lecture Theatre A in the physics building for 6:45, as we want to start sharpish.

And remember, send an email to for free pizza on the night!


Charlie, Careers


Astrium Careers Talk, 15th November

Thursday, November 15
Building 32 Room 1015 (The really big lecture theatre)


Like space? Love Astrium.

Meet with Europe’s largest private space company and the 3rd largest in the world.

This is a joint careers talk for Physics, Engineering and ECS students.


‘Hang on,’ you might say, ‘don’t large tech companies just want engineers to solder and tighten screws? What about Physics opportunities?’ – Well, I’ve got your back, I’ve spoken with an Astrium representative and he has assured me his company need some talented young things to do real science.


‘I hear some Physics 4th Year and his team of undergrads sent something into space last year, can Astrium really top that?’ – They sure can, with a budget millions of times larger they achieve successes thousands of times greater! Want to embarrass your brain surgeon friends, join Astrium and become a Rocket Scientist!


‘What about our friends over in ECS, what role can they play?’ – Luckily computers are quite the up and coming thing, and all these satellites and telescopes need to harness the magic of computers that only ECS student know how to unlock.


Theres more!!! Chancellor Palpatine recently addressed the Galactic Senate to transfer powers to….. Sorry,
Chancellor Osbourne recently addressed Parliament to announce a doubling of UK investment in Space Technology in an effort to make Britain the world leader in science.


There has never been a better time to turn your career ambitions to outer space since the Kennedy Administration of 1960s America.


Let us know if you’re coming !

How did we do?

Share your views on the Big Joint Sciences Social. Comment below.

The Big Joint Sciences Social @ Orange Rooms

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, we’re hooking up with ChemSoc, BioSoc and NocSoc to bring you one of the biggest socials to date!

More information can be found on the Facebook event here:

Rosie and myself will be selling tickets for the event in the physics foyer on Thursday 1st November 12-2 and Friday 2nd November 2-4! Tickets are £2 and include a free shot on the night! If you can’t make it then for any reason then give us a call or drop us a text on either 07545157912 or 07908272323 and we’ll arrange to get you some tickets :)


Physoc love xx

Unsolved Mysteries Part 1: Challenge Completed.


Yo dudes!


We had an unprecedented turnout to our first Unsolved Mysteries lecture last night, with around 150 people attending!
It was a great evening, with loads of science, jokes and ridiculous amounts of pizza. What more could you want?


Physoc want to thank Professors Ian McHardy and Nils Andersson for speaking, and thank you guys for showing your support by attending! We want all the feedback we can get, so post your thoughts on how we could improve the next one on the event page or below. We’re particularly interested in finding out which topics touched upon were the most popular, there’s a chance for follow up lectures in the future if you let us know.


If you missed it, don’t worry, our friendly neighbourhood cameraman Chris got it all on film, and we’ll be putting it up on the website and our YouTube account shortly.

Finally, watch out for the next one! It’ll feature Nick Evans from the High Energy group (as anyone who attended will know ;-) ), and Otto Muskens from the QLM group. We’ll bring you more information soon!


Event page:


Charlie, Careers

Physoc on Air!

Are you interested in Science? Do you have a burning question that needs an answer? Do you have a physics joke that you feel honour bound to share?  Then listen in to Surge Radio this Thursday 1-2pm for a weekly show telling you what’s what in science, featuring an interview with an academic, answering your questions, telling you experiments that you CAN try at home and a weather report of what you could see in the sky that night! So listen in or find our podcast on over the weekend!

The Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe!

Sup physicists!


Hopefully you guys are having an awesome semester so far. Physoc are about to make it even better!

At the end of last year, we asked whether you would be interested in a series of talks based around questions which we haven’t yet solved. We had such a good response that we’ve convinced some of the most brilliant minds in Southampton to share their lack of knowledge with us!


So without further ado, we are pleased to announce:

The Unsolved Mysteries of Physics part 1; Life, the Universe and some other bits!
(Featuring Professors Ian McHardy from the Astronomy department and Nils Andersson from the General Relativity department)


So do you want to do your bit for humanity by being the first one to detect gravitational waves, or unravel the secrets of the early universe? Do you want proof (to 5 sigma) that your professors are only human and don’t know everything? Do you like free pizza?


If you answered yes to any of the above then this lecture is for you! It’ll be held on Tuesday October 30th at 6:00 in lecture theatre A. Check out the facebook event for more info, and remember, you must RSVP!

Send an email to with the subject ‘Unsolved Mysteries Part 1 RSVP’


Charlie, Careers